5 Questions to Ask before Renting Limousine

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Are you having any thoughts in renting a Limousine? Dilemma is not a state I want you to be in. Limousines are all about class. Even the idea of having limousine service is revive you. Here are some questions you must ask before renting a Limousine.

Are the passengers insured, and how much does the insurance cover?

The answer to this question must be a positive, and coverage depends on the number of passengers the car accommodates. For instance, if a car can accommodate seven passengers, the insurance premium should be able to cover all seven of them. Do not hesitate to ask for documents. Make sure that you’re completely satisfied with the arrangement.

Can I see the car I will be booking before the day I rent?

In this case, you will know about the company’s vehicle quality. If they are very afraid to show you the car, the day before you rent, it’s a good sign that something is wrong. There may be a problem like your contract and subcontracting is done with other limo company. Getting in these circumstances could really prove to be troublesome for you.

What type of vehicles do you have?

Some companies offer only very simple limousine, while others offer a stretch limousines, stretch SUVs, and many other options. To get the idea of what the possibilities are, it is best to ask service companies to provide them with all the details about the type of rental vehicles.

What if the vehicle I have rented breaks down on the day of service?

Everyone admires the obstacle-less travel. Make sure that you are covered in the event of a malfunction. Be assured that they will have another car as an option to pick you up or refunding is not bad.  Make sure the policy for dealing with breakdowns is clear.

Can I see your entire fee schedule?

Asking for discount doesn’t cost you any penny. Make sure you pin them down as to a price. Some companies try to charge unrevealed fees on the end of the trip. So, ask about every single fee, even the ones that might suffer. ‘Better safe than sorry’

You get what you pay for. Be aware of the vague promises. The companies that offer the lowest prices are not in the range of what the other providers are offering. They may be frauds. Make sure you have list of similar companies, and compare them to know the fair price. Hope you find the best service at reasonable cost.

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