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It’s the prom night that makes you feel as if you’re in a big television award show; you get a chance to celebrate with your friends and dance. For this night, you need to have everything in place, let alone the transportation. Freaking out looking for ideal transportation option? Worried about how much it’s going to cost? Well, my friend, make the most of your big night with a prom limo. We are available whether you’ve a big group, a few friends, or you’re just one couple going for the prom. Here are few tips about booking your prom limo to make sure you get the service of your choice.

You Need To Book Early

Limos are always in high demand as they possess various advantages with luxuries. Also, spring has always been a busy time for limos. Limousines get booked on a high number during wedding and prom season. There is literally a competition between clients. Now, if you can work on your dress long before the prom night, then why book your limo in the last minute? Grab the chance and book your limo for service quite early. You should have your bookings done at least two or three months in advance.

Know the Total Price

Be clear about the total price charged by the limo company. Make sure that you know about all the additional charges, including the taxes that add up to the total amount that you’re paying. Get a written confirmation from the service provider showing the total cost. Believe me, you don’t want to be shocked or be unpleasantly surprised because of the bill.

Confirm the Size

While renting a limo, provide the accurate data of the number of people you’ll be travelling with. This will then determine the type of vehicle that you’ll need. Normally, prom limo can carry six to forty people. So, make your choice according to your budget and preferences.

Verify Your Limo Company

It is very important to verify the background of service provider legally. Ask for a copy of the company’s current PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION CERTIFICATE and proof of insurance coverage. Also, you can get the information of Limo Company through trusted referral. But, it will be better if you look for any past complaints filed regarding a prospective limousine service.

Check the limo

Check the limo by yourself so that there is no problem in the future. Also, you can take it for a test drive. If the vehicle is not available, you can ask the service provider to email the photos. Inspection and verification of the model, comfort, making of the limousine is very important before renting it.

View Cancellation Policy

Problems may arise, so make sure that you are allowed to cancel the reservation. Nowadays, cancellation of the reservation is common, so don’t hesitate to ask for cancellation policy and get a copy of the written document.


Have a luxurious and safe ride with a prom limo!

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