Ride in Limo: Let The Action Speak

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Sometime I imagine life as a basket full of lotteries with questions. Just pick up one and it unfolds a question like what is your name? Pick up another and it asks what your father/mother does for living? These are some of the common questions that we all encountered in our childhood.

Life grows in its pace. Subjects are changed but questions remain. What is your plan after high school?

Further we grow; more questions are asked especially at that time around when we are in the phase of career building. It is a stage when people frequently hit you with very common question: “What are you doing?”

It seems as if people have no interest on “how are you” rather “who you have become”?

Normally, people keep on asking you until you are 30. By the time you arrive at 30 people will completely make perception about you and stop bombarding with questions as they used to do earlier. Now they simply judge you—either successful or unsuccessful.

And, making this assessment about you is very simple. If they see you in a public bus after 30 you are regarded as unsuccessful.  And if they spot you in a limousine then you become an example.

This is a kind of universally accepted human psychology. In any hemisphere of the world—northern or southern— this is common.

Places change, climate changes, scenario varies but the intrinsic quality of the human being does not change—habit of questioning. Let questioning be a common job of others but for you it should be a matter to enquire with self. Raise a question with self and change the dimension of your life with new positivity and action.

For me, life after 25 is a journey of brain. This is a time when you minutely start questioning to yourself. Why hire a taxi, why choose a particular taxi service provider, when to invest in the share market and many more? Yes, you do this because you do not want to waste your hard earned money without any solid reason. In some of the cases, it is money that triggers your thinking.

Dudos to such rational people who question with themselves and proceed in the way of positive change!

Jack’s Taxi & Limousine Service is a right choice for any rational thinker who values their hard earned money and wants most out of it. We are a transportation service provider who gives perfect service to earning class people. We want them to hit us with as many questions as possible and compare us with other service providers before spending. We like to be questioned because we are TRANSPARENT TRANSPORTATION SERVICE PROVIDER.

Our fleet comprises of different vehicles from high end limousine to taxi. Hire our limousine and let the people change their perception about you from failure to success. Do not limit your life within the boundary of answering to others. Drive in our limo and make people speechless. You can do this because you are born to EXCEL in life.

Stop answering. Just make your arrival a grand answer!

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